Friday, May 30, 2008

kampong glam is full of little hidden treasures. i love it!!

from my point of view. and yes, you can stand under my umbrella.

seems like i'm not the only one loving it.

even barbie gets more fun here.

look, even measles seem cheery around here.

everyone should check it out someday.

let the magic begin.
igallop and ipod is out. let's welcome the latest shopping mall to hit town.


are you on?
people say you learn new things and understand yourself better on overseas trips.

i think so too.

i learnt that i should not take bumper car rides 5 consecutive times in a row.

self realisation also hit me that i can really look like a ghost at times. i'm past denial now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

cats make such interesting subjects

"boy, i'm afraid i can't sell you the turnip"

in singapore, u need to be of legal age for everything.
this is the name of a real shop.

i can so imagine the robber saying "they asked for it".

another shop.

apparently its email is
i crossed paths with a couple mynahs lately.

i was at a friend's house chatting with her when a bird trotted into her room.

as i stare at the mynah with mouth agape, i hear my friend say, careful, he might bite your foot if it gets too close.

it used to be have fleas, but not anymore, she helpfully adds.

here he is. *shudders*

an angry mynah as a pet?
seriously, what is the world coming to, man...

and yep, speaking of mynahs, can you spot the albino mynah?

i think it survived till today coz it camouflages perfectly as a piece of litter.