Monday, August 6, 2012

two hours in beijing

with a couple hours left to spare before heading for the airport, i went to the olympic park in beijing.

upon reaching the entrance, i was greeted by this signboard, which i later realised was pasted liberally everywhere.

i very quickly realised why there was this need for the signboard.


the entire field of what i supposed should be lovely sunflowers were striped bare.

there, families were happily harvesting sunflower seeds from freshly plucked sunflowers.

such a strange feeling- that something so wrong should feel so right. 

something so irritating and inconsiderate, should fill any onlooker's heart with warmth.  =)
such is life. i could have gotten lovely sunflower pic shots, but instead what i got were blissful family portraits.

unexpected feelings from unexpected moments. unexpected results, when your mind stays open

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The courage to be nothing at all

Ever gotten so bored of your own cowardice that you can't get to sleep?

Well, here I am. Wide awake at 2am on a weeknight, feeling lousy about my sore lack of guts to just do something I've always wanted to do with my life.

Which is to be a poor, happy, good-for-nothing bum.

Just imagine!

None of that self-actualization crap that the capitalist society so conveniently crams into our subconscious. If an ant can feel contented just following the ass of his fellowant, I don't see why i need a performance appraisal to prove myself as a society-worthy human.

No waking up at 7 (ok fine, I admit to waking at only 9 when that's the time I should be in office) 5 out of 7 days of my life, which is like X percentage of my entire life, which I'm too lazy to whip out a calculator to count, but which i'm goddamn sure is a depressingly high one.

Drinking teh halia downstairs at the Indian stall at 11am, surfing cute puppies while all other mortals slog away. Hell, I'm pretty darn sure even Bill Gates is working at that time (and Steve Jobs too, I'm sure, high up as he is now, is probably reselecting a better font for the signboards that say '5 clouds away from Heaven's door' and perfecting the angel halo symbol.

Back to my perfect lil life. And then I'll be trudging back up, playing with my three adorable ratties and letting them run wild in the bf's place and making this our little secret (don't worry he doesn't read my blog cause he's a hardcore cubicle rat). Strange how I'm always attracted to rodents.

And then I'll regress (or should I say progress) to being a professional housewife. I shall be diligent in supervising the maid to complete all household chores. I will contribute to increased jobs for everyone by conscientiously buying things on a whim. I think this is where my true talent lies.

There's only one lil problem. And that's the dreary sound of the alarm clock blaring me into the harsh reality of bad office vicinity food, a dusty messy workstation of- oh this is amazing I'm sleepy already.

I'm such a wimp! And even wimps gotta sleep, so good night, folks.

See ya in your cubicle.