Monday, August 6, 2012

two hours in beijing

with a couple hours left to spare before heading for the airport, i went to the olympic park in beijing.

upon reaching the entrance, i was greeted by this signboard, which i later realised was pasted liberally everywhere.

i very quickly realised why there was this need for the signboard.


the entire field of what i supposed should be lovely sunflowers were striped bare.

there, families were happily harvesting sunflower seeds from freshly plucked sunflowers.

such a strange feeling- that something so wrong should feel so right. 

something so irritating and inconsiderate, should fill any onlooker's heart with warmth.  =)
such is life. i could have gotten lovely sunflower pic shots, but instead what i got were blissful family portraits.

unexpected feelings from unexpected moments. unexpected results, when your mind stays open