Thursday, August 21, 2008

try making a guess where this place is:

the outside-

the inside- overseeing other buildings

need more clues?

yes, these are sinks.. you're getting close.

there's even a humongous fish tank in there.

and in every cubicle, a romantic tealight lights the way as you pee.

the signboard says Bulldog House.

and lo and behold. when i looked in there were indeed 2 bulldogs residing there.

this row of shops are really interesting. see the interior of this italian restaurant?

a closer look reveals that the clothes are made of clay!

interesting, ain't it? and of course, it helps that the owner is one cute guy too.
i was dying of thirst so i was really relieved to see a 7-11.

until i saw the notice on the door.

7-11s nowadays are getting redundant.

at times i wonder how i manage to type.

Friday, August 8, 2008

the things people come up with

you know what this contains?

yea marshmallows.
can't you tell?

the tiniest working dictionary ever, with an accompanying baby magnifying glass.

i swear to god it's the cutest thing. oh, and speaking of god, they have a bible version, apparently.
it's 7th month, and people are planting trees like this.

a bit wrong right...
would you want your face on M&Ms?

then do it.
you only live once.
have you ever sang in the shower?

or more importantly, have you ever sang in the shower and have someone take a picture of you?

he was just so into it that i had to take another shot.

see, doesn't he just look like a star?

i would have wanted to mosaic his face except i don't know how to.

sorry dude.