Monday, November 23, 2009

a day in the life of how english suffered

excuse me for taking a zillion years to blog about my guangzhou company trip..
i went there for 2 months.. and i felt my english deproving by the minute.

not hard to see why...

On a typical sunny morning in guangzhou, I took the train. & saw this poster.

1. 'no hullabaloo allowed'.
ok, i checked this word out- it does exist: noun that means 'fuss' or 'uproar'. fine i'll let this one pass- there are loads more anyway.

2. yo yo, check tis out. 'no graffiti or scratchitti allowed', hear me?

3. 'when the door opens or closes, please take your time'.
ahh, does that explain why i keep getting 'kiap' by the closing door?

after getting off the train, i went to eat.

never mind that the entire menu translation was all wrong, but i think 'cruelclearwate' crossed the line for me. I mean, the water's innocent man- the whole of Singapore is trying to save it.

i needed some amusement outside of translation jokes, so i went to the amusement park.
rapidest fly? what the hell is that? i don't know but i sure was amused. no wonder it's called an amusement park.

with play comes thirst, so i hopped over to the nearest supermarket for some drinks.
i am seriously impressed man. the chinese can really invent stuff.

最大的荣幸 = greatful

how cool is that?
<最大> great + <荣幸> grateful = 〈最大的荣幸〉greatful (2 functions in 1 word!)

thanks guys, for revisiting my blog again, i'm truly greatful.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10 years? 20 years?

It's been too long since I blogged...

I think I should start again! Shall post up the cute panda pics, or what's remaining (boyfriend lost my camera hp on the last night zzz) of what I took in GuangZhou..

Anyway I am very proud of myself cause I thought of a little quotable quote of my very own...

"Friendships and relationships are the buoys that keep you afloat in life. -Gu, 2009"

Ta-dah! Playing on the SHIP behind friendship and relationship..get it??

I shall not google for it lest I find out that others have been already using it for 10 years. I shall live in my happy oblivion for now.