Friday, August 10, 2007

i blame my parents

I went to Zouk on ND eve. Mistake mistake. I now have self-doubts as to whether my eyes actually exist (in the eyes of others). A bored me, lc and neat decided to ask a kind (looking), similarly bored guy standing outside the toilet to help us take a photo. Sure enough, he kindly agrees and took a shot. He checks out the shot on the LCD. The perils of technology.

"Oh, wait, I have to take another shot".
*points (not very kindly) to me*
"You closed your eyes!"

"No I didn't!" I try to explain."It's not my fault that my eyes are small, right?"

The club was too noisy. He went ahead and took another shot.

I focused as hard as I could to engage all my eye muscles so we wouldn't be spending the whole night (boring as it was) retaking shots to get one where my eyes were not 'closed.' I silently remind myself to stop hanging out with people whose eyes are bigger than mine. I don't care if this means I am doomed to die friendless.

It got worse on ND itself because I have a goldfish memory (but sadly not the eyes). I went out with Dish and her latest fling. Fling (who is an ang mor with typical huge ang mor eyes) insisted that he kept catching me catch forty winks. I was wide awake the whole time.

I have decided that I shall spend my first paycheck on a good pair of SUPER dark/reflective sunglasses to prevent future misfortunes.

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