Monday, December 3, 2007

It was now or never. He tentatively shoved the dark red box into her clammy hands and looked away awkwardly. His whole life savings lay in that box. Upon parting the lips of the velvet container, a sparkling 2 carat-diamond ring greeted her eyes. She was thrilled, as she had waited a lifetime for this day. She embraced him, tight as she could, and twirled around for joy. Her big toe caught onto a damned hole in the doormat and she tripped, hitting her head on the doorknob. Her last words were "I told you to get a new doormat" as her crimson blood stained the holey mat a dark red. He hugged her close to him, hence squeezing the last breath out of her, and whispered, "I was saving up for the ring so we could get married".

You must forward this in 100, 000 days after reading this letter to at least half a person. If you do this, for girls, your boyfriend will propose to you soon, and for guys, your girlfriend will agree to your proposal. If you do not, your lover will die everytime you try to propose. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

P/S: I did not make this crap up, someone clueless sent it to me, and I am now stupidly and obediently passing it on. Forward this now to receive a sudden and miraculous shower of good luck in proposals!

just trying my hand at chain letters. got so many circulating around, so i figured it must be fun to write.

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