Wednesday, June 11, 2008

one morning i woke and found my hand like this:

having decided to ignore it, by next morning it had swollen to:

under the advice of my colleagues, i decided to visit the doctor, and that was when i stumbled upon this fish (while waiting for the doc's to open):

top view:

doesn't it look like the offspring of an arowana and a butterfly?

and check it out. from the front view it almost looks like a barn owl with open wings.

i happily hopped back to the office with my new buy, $45 poorer from the doctor's "i don't know what's wrong too" and the desire to bring the illegitimate child home.

"how's your hand, now? and why is it like that anyway?" my colleague asks.

"it's fine, i guess. i could have accidentally poured some alcohol on my hand when i was drinking and din wash it off immediately. i think i could be allergic to alcohol when applied topically."

"ooh...' she coos. "wow, imagine, if alcohol does that to your skin, what's going on inside when you drink it?"

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