Saturday, September 6, 2008

i have decided that i like baron's strong brew. they sure have a sense of humour.

have you ever seen a knight so sian, he takes to hugging his shield like a pillow?

i couldn't resist. i just had to have a pic taken with his less sian counterpart.

nothing like a hat to cheer up gloomy chums

but for me instant noodles is all it takes. especially if it's hello kitty.


anyway, on an unrelated note (you should expect that having seen the blog title), i find a particular phenomenon very disturbing.

mascots of food products are often the food themselves.

remember this Calbee potato chips tv ad? where the potato chips happily barbeque themselves over a pit? while some others grin as they get sliced up at the barber's. remember remember?

and another example: Chicky the KFC kids mascot

'welcome to eat me', he beckons.

disturbing a not, you tell me?

1 comment:

Yin said...

ya! the calabee advert is totally -_- and they make the potatoes look so happy. sooo sadistic.