Sunday, December 14, 2008

chanced upon this place around haji lane, called trippies cafe, at 42 Bussorah Street.

it was literally a trip down memory lane... they sold all the toys you played with as a child... like the harmonica in that animal paper packaging..and many many more!

and while you're there, don't forget to check out the Children Little Museum on second floor for a reasonable $2 fee.

From left: fridge, jackpot machine, black and white tv- all in working condition!

should've kept my old toys and sold it to 'em..

anyway, check out this gigantic robot outside their shop. the head moves from left to right, has blinking lights for eyes, and comes complete with meters and cogs that actually run!

the best part? it's made from scratch by the 2 founders:

it's a smoke robot, and they're gonna make smoke come out from the robot's mouth, soon.
guess environmental issues were never really a concern in the 60s.

p/s: they're working on another robot that walks!

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