Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my bf and i...we have serious communication problem. this is the furthest we go in communication about our communication problem.

dude. i feel like we can't communicate on a deeper level, you know what i mean?

no i don't.

no, don't give me that. say something constructive.

cement. bricks.


u know. constructive.

i am amazed u can still walk.


u know. lame.


anna said...


girl, i understand u. though i wish i didnt.

Perspicacious Angel said...

i don't think he comes up with replies tht witty. It's uniquely u. =P

GPT said...

anna: let's matchmake our boys. i'm sure they can uncommunicate with each other just fine.

buntan: sadly it's really him.

anna said...

haha that comment does sound so 'him' (yours, not mine. mine can walk pretty fine).

just like talking to a brick wall, right?