Wednesday, October 10, 2007

speaking proper english kills

Ah Beng: eh, y u looking at me? wan to fight izit?

Nerdy: umm no- to both questions, actually. I wasn't casting a glance in your direction.

Ah Beng: eh. wad toking u huh. i see u look at me first.

Nerdy: sir, that's logically flawed. You see, YOU would have to be looking at me first, if you could catch that very moment that I turned to cast a glance at you, which I most certainly, to the best of my very vast knowledge and thick glasses, didn't. At least not until you chatted me up. Also, your manner of speech is hard to grasp. You should be saying: "What are you talking about? I caught you looking at me first."

Ah Beng: k*n*n*b*c*c*b* $#%@ ka kia, show him our logik arrr!!

Nerdy: it's logic, not logik. You might also like to paraphrase- "Let him have a taste of our logic" sounds more menacing. What's ka kia, by the way?

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