Monday, February 25, 2008


have you ever wondered how eating a clump of fur would feel like?

there's no need to wonder anymore.

this is how it looks like, at least.

(and i can assure you, they taste like fur more than they look.)

these furballs are supposedly a kind of mushroom. why, i would have been overjoyed to be this particular specie, if i were a mushroom. i would have thought that i was safe, because no one likes having fur in their mouths, except for lions and other meat-eating carnivores. and that's cause they don't have a choice; it's not everyday that you manage to hunt down some humans. they cheat. some of them even have guns. it's tough to be a lion nowadays.

next time a kid asks you which animal is the king of the jungle, say: the lion, but not anymore. every other animal moved out of the jungle cause they didn't want to be associated with a king who doubles up as the mascot of a courtesty campaign and has a tail where his legs should be.

no wonder lions always roar and look furious.

speaking of lions, doesn't the mushroom look just like the mane of a lion?

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