Tuesday, February 5, 2008

don't 'bat' an eyelid

i'm pretty certain i was a bat in my previous life. here's how i came to this depressing conclusion:

1. i only feel sleepy with the lights on/ i have problems falling asleep at night.

2. i am 3.5 times more efficient at night than in the day.

3. having reborn into this life without wings or an ability to suck blood, my subconscious desires see me doing a 12,000 word thesis on sanitary pads.

4. i hate sun (having been brown/black the whole of my past life, i strive to remain white as i can this time round).

5. i'm blind (as a bat) when it comes to men i date.

6. i suffer from identity crisis all the time; am i a mouse or bird or wad?

arrrrghhhh.... while others boast of being king arthur or buddha's reincarnation, i was a friggin' bat.


i love naan said...

... i saved a baby bat, did i tell u?

it was lying on the ground in the CBD area... my guy friends all didnt dare to pick it up so i did it. din want pple complaining abt how their branded shoes are now destroyed after trampling on the poor thing.

but i just realised that they spread rabies. ._.

i love naan too said...

baby bat?! so cuteeee! so is it on a tree or at your home? and are you salivating uncontrollably now?

naninaninanaan said...

nah i picked it up using paper brouchures and left it in the bushes under the tree i presume it fell from. a few hours later it was gone. i hope the parents saved it. im salivating over naaaaan