Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's just... wrong

me, miss naughty*, her little sister, and naan met up to be cheapo and claim free ice cream (twice). of course, we were still less cheapo than some others in the queue, who were happily licking away at their newly claimed ice creams while queuing for another. it's hard to beat singaporeans in cheapo-ness la. at least we had the decency to walk around a bit as buffer time in between ice creams to ensure the servers would have rotated shifts and forgotten us.

anyway, things just got more wrong from here. little sister wanted to go to toys 'r' us. all i can say is, other than cheapo, ben and jerry's ice cream makes people bo liao as well.

we saw rows of this at the entrance.

someone pointed out that this veggie one was particularly cheap and cute.

the free ice creams had made us all high.

we put it a coin and got this:

an innocent looking radish, you say?

what about this then?

and this?

all together, now.

little sister eagerly pointed out that the sweet potato even had holes in erm. all the right places.

what is wrong with the japanese?!

how can they ever think of corrupting young children by making cute innocent harmless veggies into sexual beings with unspeakable anatomical parts?!

everything that happened yesterday is just so... wrong.

* miss naughty is so named for many reasons, one of which includes how she brought along her little sister to vivocity from 5p.m. to late at night before announcing matter-of-factly that she needs to go home soon cause little sis has an exam the next morning. when confronted with her reckless behaviour, she proclaims happily that she "used to shop the day before her exams in the past too!" if this isn't naughty, i don't know what is.

p/s: please feel free to approach me to ask what other naughty stuffs she has done.

p/s to miss naughty: please feel free to bribe me to avoid the above from happening.

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