Thursday, November 20, 2008

For a Boy

If I were a kid again, and asked to choose a toy
Without doubt it would be this boy
With cuteness on par with Ikea Mouse
I would love to bring him to my house

The old things that you told me to throw?
Through that, taught me to let go
Really, I don't know how to say thank you
"Us too!" scream those in the Karang Guni field

He says he enjoys sugar rolls
For that to his tummy will add folds
But really, I don't think I'll mind
Where else a more comfortable pillow find?

Oh no! Your handphone! I'm stressed! you stutter
In some sick manner your anxiety makes my heart go aflutter
That sometimes lost expression on your face...
For you my heart will make more space

He fights hard the Sleeping Bug every night
His lips on the phone, but they're shut tight
No wonder, that explains all that mumbling
And in the day- due to lack of sleep, the fumbling

You know why 'love' doesn't part my lips?
Because like in restaurants, they're the tips
Once given out, waiter's no longer attentive
Perhaps once mentioned
someone'll leave


Anonymous said...

Did u write this? :) Turtle Tan

Joie said...

hi babe. poems do not write themselves! yes i did =)