Saturday, September 22, 2007

A difficult decision

Teachers in school always tell me that we have to be really careful about the important decisions we make in life. Hence, I have decided to analyse the situation in detail to ensure that I make an informed choice.

BACKGROUND INFO: The mitigating factor for why I made this $100 purchase of a spectacle frame half a year ago is because the kindly lady at the store told me that they would have spare crystals should any fall out, and in her own words, “not that it would”.


It fell out. Beware of kindly people and their promises.

Feeling deeply betrayed by her inability to keep a simple promise, I returned to the shop. Just as I guessed! Predicting that I would come after her one day, she had packed up and migrated to Norway. That probably explained her absence in the shop. I had to speak to this other kindly (!!!) guy. “Excuse me, the crystal fall out already. How ar? Can repair?”

“Oh, we’re sorry. We do not offer such services.”

“What??!! You evil *&%$# pig!! You’re in cahoots with that lady aren’t you? You guys plotted to cheat my $100 right from the start!”

*taken aback* “My fair lady, you misunderstand me.”

He then said: “We can send your frame to the agent, but I am uncertain as to whether they have any spare crystals. Please bring your frame to us by this Sunday, as the agent comes every Monday. However, there is no guarantee that they have the crystals and also, it would take a week.”

CONS of trying my luck: The agent might not have the spare crystals. This would mean a whole week of being a blind bat all in vain. On a darker note, the agent might rob my spectacles of its 21 other crystals to restore 21 other similar frames to their former glory, and return my glasses crystal-less and then maintain that it died a meaningful death.

PROS of trying my luck: I could be one of the lucky 21, and the kindly lady could then fulfill her promise to me.

What should I do?


Vicsky said...

It's simple! Juz do nothing abt it since it's fate that that lil crystal should leave ur frame. This makes ur frame unique, and adds on to its value. Why fret over wat's lost and be blinded to wat it can still do for u? Furthermore, we should never hanker for immortality. Wat's gotta go gotta go ya?

GPT said...

thanks a lot for ur advice, i truly understand now. do u think if i treat the remaining crystals nicer they will not leave my frame? !!!! wad if they decide to go find the missing crystal as well?

huiwen said...

oh no it finally dropped. i can understand how irritating it is

GPT said...

ya i am quite pissed le. grrr. if every human is already imperfect, y would he/she want to add more imperfection to his/her life with faulty frames?