Sunday, September 9, 2007

Why bad people are bad

Because I have a ton of work piled up beside me, the obvious thing to do is to avoid starting on them. i decided to start a pointless conversation with my dad.

"Daddy, why are kids seldom bad? They can be naughty, but seldom are they bad."

"Bad people are bad because they are not satisfied or contented. Kids tend to get what they (fundamentally) need from their parents, and hence are provided for. Hence there is no incentive/need to be bad since they are satisfied. And of course, there's tv."

*Magic Bullet Theory whizzes past my head*

Daddy continues. "There is no point learning 100 good things from tv, and learning one bad thing. It doesn't matter that you helped 100 people if you killed one. I'm going to bed now. Good night."

I stared at the pile of work again. I decided to blog.


I stared at the pile of work again. I decided to continue blogging.

My gifted education tuition kid asked me yesterday why his friend tumbled down a flight of stairs and emerged unscathed.

"Oh, cause your friend is imaginary."


Vicsky said...

wow... wat words of wisdom from ur father.
And wat happened to that tuition kid after hearing ur reply? so interesting haha

GPT said...

erm...being sensible and all he just looked confused. "No, no, he's real!" To which I could only reply "And lucky".

vicsky said...

Isnt life amazing? It's filled with all sorts of miracles. And u might consider getting the time/day that happened and make it rich with 4D haha

GPT said...

i didn't win... maybe the kid lied; he died.