Wednesday, September 26, 2007

While i live i learn

How nice! My friends Buntan and Dish just dropped by my home to visit my water bottle me a minute ago, in the midst of their thirsty night jog. And guess how the creative darlings decided to spring a surprise on me? They threw the peanuts they were eating into my room. Two landed on the hard floor (I heard), and the last landed on my bed (I saw).

Upon hearing the first two peanuts, I had initially thought my roof was cracking and raining cement, and screamed for my dad to come in. It was then that I saw a peanut land on my bed from out the window, and took a peek. And saw the munchieing monkeys.

Thanks to Bun and Dish, I had the most enjoyable time holding a mini emergency peanut hunt in the midst of my urgent presentation preparation to ensure that no peanuts were harmed in the making of their visit, lest I step on a peanut and injure the sole of my foot the poor peanut. And to protect the peanuts from falling prey to ants. Yes, I am kind. I cannot bear to let even peanuts suffer.

While I live I learn. I learnt that I am a kind person. I learnt that my friends are creative and innovative people. I also learnt that it is unfortunately possible to eat peanuts and run at the same time.


Ling Hea said...

haha! Funny :P

GPT said...

ling hea!!!! where have u been all this while!!

Cary said...

Great work.