Thursday, November 15, 2007


WALKING into cobwebs.
neither me nor the spider is happy about it.

STEPPING on snails
neither me nor the snail was happy about it.

the above two dislikes are made worse at night.

walking into cobwebs in the dead of the night makes me feel like i entered twilight zone. was that really a cobweb?

the sound of the crunchy snail resonates loud and crisp in the silence, so there's no mistaking it as a dried leaf.


Perspicacious Angel said...

haha.. i'm ok w e web one. once, i was w this guy who stepped on snail, turned back to look at the sole o his shoes, n wipe the remains on e pavement den cont walking.

Anonymous said...

are u trying to copy me... haha.. y u change e template.. - ur spouse.

koala said...

wad copy? wad template?