Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i'm not shitting u

i did something disturbing today. i bought a packet of organic fertiliser for my plants. in short, i paid for manure. to be more specific, poultry manure. and to be more layman, chicken poop.

no chicken would ever believe me if i told it that i paid to buy its shit.

"did you know that a packet of your shit costs $2.17?"

*cluck* "no shit!"

this must be what commodification is all about. selling shit to people.


Anonymous said...


-- Dango sankyodai!

Anonymous said...

have been following your blog..
ni de zhong shi du zhe :p


Perspicacious Angel said...

check out the latest vid on my blog. there's only two words to describe. CAN DIE.

|MoNoChRoMe|~ said...

this is funny. hahahaha.


koala said...

angel: eh i really have no recollection of the 3 fishball le. riceball wadever. & y can die? i watched liao, heart still beating at same pace le.

lei: pls invite me to ur blog!

monochrome: as u can imagine, i understand cluck. cluck.

Anonymous said...

u made me collapse on my sofa clutching my stomach.