Saturday, November 24, 2007

my mom and i just communicated a bit today. it was her way of getting to know me better.

"!!!! oh my! lemme see that, open your mouth wider! you've got vampire-ish teeth!"

"erm ya."

"since when?"

er since you replaced my milk with tomato juice?
"since my milk teeth fell out and new ones grew"

"wow! they're really sharp.. u ought to get them 'muo pin*', later u bite urself, very pain!"


"does anybody else realise u look like a vampire?"

* muo pin- to grind until flat


Anonymous said...

it's mo ping LAR.. ur mother is really funny.. my mum did stg similar whn i was giving her facial. looked up and said- aiyo how come one o ur tooth popped out. -_______-

Anonymous said...

lest u complain. one of your tEEth

- wenqi

Anonymous said...

there's a really funny animal called llama.

Anonymous said...

i noe.. i always thot so too.. BUT.. not the naughty kind!! eh do the test leh. zl also say it's quite accurate..