Monday, November 12, 2007

i regret to inform everyone that the production A story about life part II has to be called off due to the lack of talent in the auditions.

they were either too disturbing

(just when i thought the dog couldn't get any uglier. he has to tie his fur into ponytails. with ribbons. that. is. just. so. wrong)

or they had the makings of a thief. why? u ask. she looks absolutely pretty and decent to me.

wait, y do u even think she is pretty? because, she is wearing my falsies!!! i realised this when she tried to flutter at me with MY lashes. check out her top view.

"Mammy!! where did u get those false lashes from to stick on that weird horned penguin? or is it an owl?"

"i saw that u weren't using your lashes much, so i decided to put them to good use."


ok lemme rephrase. maybe she doesn't have the makings of a thief. rather, a thief was making her.

so my last participant walked in, right.. and i thought to myself "wow! a hot pink panther! i've got my man, finally". (hot pink panther looks more hot in real panther, he isn't very photogenic- the camera couldn't capture the intensity of the hot pink fluorescent stuff he was made of).

it was then he turned his back to me.


seriously, haven't u ever asked yourself sometimes, just what the hell was God thinking?

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