Wednesday, November 7, 2007

why it can be exasperating to be a vegetarian

*the following exchanges really did happen*

-in a cab-
uhm, Xiao Ming* ar, can you buy me something vegetarian? anything la, so long as vegetarian can liao.

wad is vegetarian ar? wad it mean? i dunno leh.

er..means no meat. ya. so pls get me something with no meat. i'm starving. i'll wait for u in the cab. go go go.

-cab zooms off to an ulu place with no food-

so wad did u get for me? *expectant look*

fishball noodles


i said vegetarian! how is fishball vegetarian?

u said no meat wad. pig cow and lamb is meat. fish is not a meat.


ai let's go for supper!!

uhm..Da Ming*, i'm vegetarian. just so u noe, u noe.

oh...not a prob! i noe of this great halal prata place.


*names have been changed to protect the guilty

since when is halal = vegetarian? chanting some prayers before killing an animal doesn't make it an un-animal, or wadever u call it. i didn't want to say plants, because the last time i claimed to eat only plants, i had a friend call me in the middle of a tutorial class (which saw me crawling under the desk to answer the call) to tell me that i shouldn't be eating mushrooms cause mushrooms are fungi and not biologically a plant.

and fish. read this Very Important article to see why fish is meat.
(okok i know i am a tech lag. will somebody be so kind as to teach me how to post clickable links in blogs. perhaps the guilty ones could redeem themselves?)


WiRuS said...

oh well.. actually rite.. Blogger has made it ultra easy to create a link with a link icon and u can create a link with just a click of a mouse botton..

Dunno where the link button is? It's beside the text color icon.. Now I guess u should know where the text icon is rite?

--- WiRuS ---

view source to see how I do it.. The technical way.. well.. its juz a "a href="url" and a "/a" after that.. replace the "" with <>

banana said...

haha the meat website is hilarious, the author is super funneh.

anyway i know u dun rem. (u always dun rem things that are 'against' u)

but u used to dislike pple who added a 'you know?' in front or at the end of every sentence. now i see u do it too! ha. bleh =p

GPT said...

wirus: wow thanks a lot! using mac so i only got "upload pic" and "spellcheck" icons.

banana: u noe, i really dun rem.

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