Monday, November 12, 2007

hell kitty

pic from

THE hello kitty bicycle

that leaves trails of hello kitty everywhere.. which is the dream of hello kitty fanatics and the nightmare of Mr. hello kitty hell.

mr. anti-hello kitty's amazing site that speaks to both hello kitty fanatics and haters with a healthy dose of humour =)

while you are there, check out also his other poignant site.

SPEAKING of cats, would u pay $22,000 for a hybrid between a cat and a leopard?
after going to so much trouble to domesticate the wild pussy, some fella with itchy hands mixes our friendly tabby with a ferocious leopard, and charges $22,000 (or $28,000 for the hypoallergenic version) to add excitement to the buyer's life. "would the leopard-cat decide that my baby in her cot is tasty?" *comes home from work and pushes open door with heart pounding 22,000 times an hour*

LET'S move on to slightly less confusing topics. boyfriends and water bottles. if u are or was ever attached: has ur bf ever bought u a water bottle? i realised that bfs like to buy water bottles for their gfs. why why why? i decided upon the following reasons:

1. cheap
2. although cheap, u get to use it everyday = practical
3. u use it everyday and it's always on you, so if u guys quarrel, he says "u say i am not caring enough" *points to water bottle that he bought u* "then wad is this?"
4. he wants you to think of him everytime you put the bottle to ur lips. bf tries to condition gf to link him with stuffs that gf puts in mouth.

however, reason 2, 3 and 4 works only if the bottle is even usable in the first place. bf bought me a (possibly expensive in view of its usability level) Hello Kitty water bottle that i hate to admit i love.

this is how it works. fill the bottom segment of the bottle with water. see the straw attached to the side? you suck on it as hard as you possibly can.

the immense sucking force that u exert creates a vacuum at the top half of the bottle (which btw, should not be containing water, which essentially means the bottle capacity is half what u see). this allows the water at the bottom half to be sucked up through this round watering-can-like device that u see in the pic (hence creating a mini-water fountain):

the water of the mini fountain u create hits the inside roof of the top compartment, and guess wad? The electronic circuit is completed with this water, a conductor of electricity, and causes psychedelic lights (at the top of the bottle) to dance around for a minute before going away.

is the designer a creative genius or wad? imagine a 22 year old using a 150ml capacity Hello Kitty water bottle that creates mini-water fountains and lights up whenever she sucks at the straw.

"i wan to go sentosa to see musical fountain!!"

"no need la, just suck at the straw."

TO show my appreciation i made bf this card. he din noe to cry or be appreciative, coz he found the idea of his face all squashed up and topped with a blue bowl very disturbing. hence i decided to photoshop his features away, lest he gets upset. excuse the ugly brown lines, i was too cheapo to replace my spoilt brown pen.

i also realised something quite disturbing myself, after making this card. kiki and lala are not lovers; they are twins! i should've guessed earlier that there was a meaning behind the name Little Twins Stars.


WiRuS said...

i guess u made the link all wrong.. lol.. Ur hyperlink cant be linked..

hw said...

i shall ask u out soon, just to see that amazing bottle.

n fyi, i bot me bf a bottle, not the other way rd. mean anything?

wah, y hongjun's blog is protected one

koala said...

wirus: now can?

hw: ... sorry to disappoint. i use another hello kitty bottle that he later bought me.

it means u wan him to think of u whenever he gets his lips wet.

ask him for his permission to gain access!!