Monday, January 14, 2008

men like women who like men

an excerpt from Female magazine back in the 1980s.

"Most women have not thought in any detail about whether or not they like men."

read: there could be many more lesbians out there than we imagined.

"In order to like men, it is necessary to go beyond fears and idealizations. You have to go beyond your own insecurities. In short, you have to learn to accept men."

read: i am a MCP who comes home from work and lies on the couch all night. You have any problems with that, you insecure bitch?

"Smart women like men after they demystify them."

read: all lesbians are un-smart. The only reason why they are not into the male specie is cause they lack the capability to understand them.

"Their (smart women's) emotional life doesn't prevent them from seeing men clearly."

read: 'smart women' don't cry even when they are emotional. If you stopped crying for a minute and dried your eyes your vision wouldn't be so blur you idiot!

"While women frequently think they understand men, much of what they know is determined by myth, cliché and stereotype."

read: hey, don't pigeon-hole us! not all men are couch potatoes. some men enjoy going to the gym and then admiring their new-found muscles in the mirror tirelessly.


Vicsky said...

lmao!! this is so funny!! u should circulate this like in those funny emails la.
And the puns are really gd!!

sd said...

Hey i resent that.

gpt said...

vicksy: the behind parts all kop from website can go see more. u go circulate la. i am a tech lag, i only noe how to blog and use Word.

sd: well, u did tell me to blog...