Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my love-hate relationship with library staff

lately i have been stuck in the Central Library in a futile bid to get started on my honours thesis..

Friday 11th jan

and it doesn't help that i am blur (i did say that i would TRY my best). i kept reserving the wrong stuffs cause i got the wrong numbers. i just knew i was bad with numbers. after the library staff carried thick heavy stacks amounting to years of Her World magazines to the counter (which takes an hour of waiting on my part), i realised i had made just a lil mistake. apparently HWM doesn't stand for Her World magazine. it stands for Her World Malaysia. i did the only rationale thing to do.
*call it a day and make quick getaway*

Monday 14th jan

i'm back! a weekend should erase all memories (and/or) bad feelings about the student who made them perform weight lifting for nothing.
*requests for more copies of Her World*
somehow, and i dunno just how, when i went to claim what i thought i had reserved, the malay librarian greeted me with copies of Jelita (some Malay mag) and some random honours thesis.

"wow, impressive, you can read Malay ar, girl!"
"wad u need so many mags for?"
"i need to..find some ads."
"wad kind of ads?"
"erm...sanitary pad ads."
"oh, u r a model ar."

i couldn't tell if it was a compliment.

"erm..no. i'm analysing them for a paper."

she proceeds to flip through Jelita and totters off to exclaim to another librarian about some woman she sees in the mag.
i call after her that she could have it and i run off.

i think i could be at this for years.

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