Sunday, January 27, 2008

traumatic experiences bring people closer

went to try turkish food with my bf for the first time in my life. i read the intro page of the menu. part of it said: turkish food tastes unlike any other cuisine.

i had to agree.

this were the remains of a platter we had with pita bread

the pizza

and this was our conversation:

i think i just saw a housefly fly over, hover over the platter then the pizza, and fly off.

u mean, it didn't even land on anything?

ya. i think there must be no houseflies in turkey.

*takes more bites*

i think u can gather ur boardgame-playing friends here, order a platter, and play loser-eat.

He ends the dinner with: i think we can market this like citronella. natural housefly repellant or something.

you know how some people say traumatic experiences bring a couple closer? i couldn't agree more.

don't you feel closer already, i ask him.

no, he replies. i feel nauseous.

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