Saturday, March 1, 2008

don't you just love my parents?

credits roll


-cast in order of appearance-

faux doctor: my bf

worried patient: my mom

real doctor: my dad

director: me

special thanks to my dad, who provided the props


Perspicacious Angel said...

i love ur latest posts! so funnnnnnnnnnny.

|MoNoChRoMe|~ said...

hahaha ya very funny!!!

p-bear said...

when r u getting married?

choya still in my fridge said...

how did u manage to get ur mum to do it?? its damn funny. n roger does look v fitting for that role. ermm. dun tell him who i am.

more plums for the taking said...

damn now you said his name.

-.- said...

i dunno when, p-bear.