Wednesday, March 26, 2008

not everyone sees the delight in veggies

why do people eat fast food? other than the obvious of 'fast', the appeal of fast food lies in its predictability and standardisation.

which is why i can't comprehend my experience at subway.

i ordered a veggie delight (what else).

toasted with cheese. yes.

all veggies. yes.

choice of sauce? barbecue.

i stared at the guy as he tossed in a few shreds of lettuce, 4 strands of capsicum, 2 rings of onion, 1 tomato slice, and 2 olive slices.

while writing all that down may give off the illusion that that's a hell load of veggies, i can assure you that in practice, that is a measly, pathetic amount. the only hell load of stuff i received was the sauce.

i was in such disbelief that i did not say a thing, because i was pretty darn sure he was going to say happy april's fool, in advance.

apparently it was no joke.

have you ever eaten a subway sandwich that is flat as though there are zero ingredients clipped between the bread? have you ever eaten a subway sandwich that has more sauce than it has ingredients?

well, i have.

i just don't understand this guy. while he may hate veggies and love his sauce, some people may not feel the same.

especially someone whose order is veggie delight.

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