Tuesday, March 4, 2008

food for thought

recently, food for thought has taken on a whole new level of meaning for me.

as i lapped up the last of my new year goodies, i noticed something:

my favourite pineapple tarts bear a striking resemblance to the flowers on my sofa!

i was initially exhilarated as i found this to be an amusing sight.

however, upon giving it more thought i was more disturbed than anything else. the thought of eating a thing that resembles something that comes in contact with my entire family's bums suddenly made it much less appetising.

the other day, i told my mom to prepare two soft-boiled eggs for her greedy daughter. upon cracking the two eggs four egg yolks stared back at me.

twins!!! what a joyous occasion!

but not when you're eating them. i turned mournful.

and definitely not when they could very well have been the produce of genetically modified chickens. two sets of twins occuring in the same egg carton is too much of a coincidence. my heart skipped a beat.

see what i mean? one can never be sure of what to think or feel anymore. =(
i am one lost soul.

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