Wednesday, March 26, 2008

umbrella....ella..ella..EH! EH! EH!

there is something seriously wrong with the written instructions on the umbrella dispensing machine that we now see everywhere.

STEP 1: Insert notes below after you have decided to buy an umbrella.

wtf! who would insert money if he/she didn't want an umbrella?

STEP 2: Press BUY button. Press once to buy 1 umbrella, press twice to buy 2 umbrellas.

look, how many umbrellas can a person need? and because of step 2, there has to be step 3.

STEP 3: Press "change" button for change (if any). Change (if any) will be dispensed at the bottom.

a sure way to con the average, non-instruction-reading chap who is used to ALL other vending machines dispensing change automatically and waits impatiently for change before assuming the machine is out of order. he then stomps off, grouchy that he has been cheated by a bunch of umbrellas.

and guess what. the "change" button and "buy" button are the exact same shape, colour and size. while they have bilingual instructions for the nitty gritty details, they cannot be bothered where it matters.

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Yin said...

hahaha, btw, why do you suddenly blog so many times a day!

and as for the "change," i thought it refered to "change" your options "change." not the money kinda change.

alright, see u tmr :)