Monday, March 24, 2008

make the world a better place...

... by tapping the shoulders of the next wise guy you see playing his cell phone music at full blast, as though assuming you share the same music taste in tamil pop or hip hop. gush excitedly and ask if you could have him send you his entire collection of melodious music via bluetooth to your phone. if he refuses, ask him why then did he put his music out on display if it's not for sharing.

... by thanking all bus drivers who wait up for you to run 100 metres to catch his bus. smile at them and assure them that we will not let anyone box them anymore.

... by petting three cute kitties on your way to school/work and then shaking hands to make up with someone at school/work that you dislike, ensuring that the kitties love pats and the 'someone' hates kitties.

1 comment:

cow said...

i like the 3rd one. just don't pet snowflake then come meet me can? ._.